For the first time ever, three Wild Card-eligible teams made the Final 8. Whatís more, thirty of us picked one of those teams as their Wild Card (24 Purdue; 6 North Carolina (Byrnes, DREG, Gordon, P Joseph, E Leach, S&R); and 0 Wisconsin).

Full Final 8 and Final 4 breakdowns will be in the next Newsletter (which will be out on Tuesday or Wednesday), but we must take a moment to point out the extent of our group futility. Not counting Wild Cards, only six (6) entrants have as many as two of their Final Four selections alive (all with two left: B DíZuro; Reider; FREG; Corrin; Gorman; and Fitch). Of those, DíZuro has two in the same region (Michigan State and Iowa State), which doesnít do him very much good, but at least heís guaranteed of one of his choices actually making the Final Four. This means that the best that 121 of us can hope for is to get one (1) of the Final Four (4) correct. Of course, 48 of us have no hope, with zero (0) Final Four teams left.

Only 17 people still have their champion alive. Sixteen chose Michigan State (Geo B, Corrin, Cowboy, J Donadio, Jr., Fitch, Golino, Huffnagle, B Joseph, Kasprzak, G Kedson, JV Kedson, P Leach, Mahalko, McGarrigel, McMoose, and Shaw), and one chose Oklahoma State (Bud Acchione).

Standings are below:

Standings - After Third Round
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NameScoreConf ChampsWild CardChampion
Jeff Clark22414PurdueTemple3
Neil Baumgarten22216VirginiaCincinnati4
Marc Reider21918IllinoisDuke3
John Donadio, Jr.21412PurdueMichigan St3
Nick Mahalko21414PurdueMichigan St2
Susan Abrams21211PurdueCincinnati3
Mike Papalia20814PurdueDuke2
Sarah Adams20715IllinoisStanford3
DREG20613North CarolinaCincinnati2
Ed Leach20412North CarolinaCincinnati2
Coach Doc20211PurdueStanford2
Peter O'Brien20211PurdueDuke2
S&R20211North CarolinaStanford2
Phoebe Joseph20112North CarolinaTemple2
Leo L.20013PurdueDuke2
Betsy Joseph19911PurdueMichigan St2
McMoose19916St. John'sMichigan St2
Patrick O'Brien19911PurdueDuke2
Kate Sullivan19911PurdueCincinnati2
Bill Byrnes19811North CarolinaCincinnati1
Paul Brady19713MissouriCincinnati3
Chris Nowakowski19712PurdueStanford1
Matt Josephs19614St. John'sArizona3
Bobbie Shaid19617Seton HallTemple1
Domino Leach1959PurdueDuke2
Bob D'Zuro19413St. John'sDuke3
Bob Shaw19412PurdueMichigan St1
Justin Kestner19313St. John'sCincinnati2
Brett Connelly19212MissouriStanford3
Ellen Gordon19211North CarolinaCincinnati1
Al Alberts19112PurdueDuke1
John Joseph19013St. John'sCincinnati2
Andy Kennedy19014Seton HallDuke1
Ed Leeds18912St. John'sStanford3
Clinton Walker18911PurdueCincinnati1
Brian Corrin18815IllinoisMichigan St2
Bill Gorman18710Seton HallCincinnati3
Mom Kedson18712Seton HallStanford2
Buddy Acchione18612IllinoisOklahoma St3
Lou C.18612IllinoisTemple3
Chris Dean1859Seton HallStanford3
Bill Acchione18413St. John'sDuke2
Claude18413St. John'sTemple2
Frank Conte1848PurdueCincinnati2
Colin Fitch1848IllinoisMichigan St3
Manny Pogach18414Seton HallCincinnati1
Troy Kane18310Seton HallDuke2
Laura Harlan18214IllinoisCincinnati1
Grandpa Kedson18212St. John'sMichigan St2
Rick Schlegel18212St. John'sDuke2
Mark Tiger18211PurdueStanford
GREF18113St. John'sDuke2
David Josephs18111IllinoisStanford3
Marshall Linton18113St. John'sStanford2
Matt Mazeffa18113St. John'sCincinnati2
Cuz Papalia18110Cincinnati2
Jack Henderson1808PurdueDuke1
FeVeCeRe17914St. John'sCincinnati1
Jack Vincent Kedson17912St. John'sMichigan St2
Perry Leach17910St. John'sMichigan St3
Brian Creelman17815DePaulTemple1
Bill McGarrigel17813St. John'sMichigan St2
Todd Pappasergi17815St. John'sDuke1
John Donadio, Sr.17711St. John'sCincinnati2
Kevin Grande17711St. John'sStanford2
Rob McMullen1779DaytonStanford3
Donnell Sheppard17614St. John'sTemple1
Tom Golino17513St. John'sMichigan St2
Susan Hanson17510St. John'sStanford2
David Kedson17510DePaulDuke2
Marc Kleiman17510Duke2
Michael Einbinder-Schatz17411St. John'sTemple2
Audrey Kohart17413St. John'sStanford1
Joe Rogers17413St. John'sArizona1
Kona Rosen17413St. John'sStanford1
Geo. B.17311IllinoisMichigan St1
Rick Simon17310Seton HallDuke1
Joe Glowacki17210NavyDuke2
Jay Yantosh17213DePaulStanford2
Richard McGuire17110Seton HallCincinnati2
Mike Scott17113St. John'sCincinnati1
Kevin Kasprzak16912St. John'sMichigan St1
Manute16912St. John'sStanford1
Arnold Selig16910VirginiaDuke2
Oliver W. Brooks1689Seton HallStanford1
Longin D'Zuro16711St. John'sStanford1
Bob Huffnagle16710Seton HallMichigan St1
Packer1678Seton HallArizona2
Mark Piccirillo16711Cincinnati1
Norm Rosen16711St. John'sTemple1
Sandy Disbrow16612St. John'sCincinnati1
Barry Gladstein1669IllinoisOhio State1
Joe Mc16612DaytonDuke1
Bob Peloso16612St. John'sStanford1
Susan Shaid1667St. John'sStanford2
Jon Broder16513St. John'sTemple1
Michael Donnelly1658St. John'sDuke2
Randy Wanger16512IllinoisDuke
Eesara Kedson16411St. John'sTemple1
Jim Budwell1639St. John'sCincinnati1
Bruno Pappasergi16312St. John'sCincinnati1
Cowboy1628MissouriMichigan St2
Mash Leach1628IllinoisStanford2
Rich Warmbier16212St. John'sDuke
Michael Baer16111Duke1
Butch Acchione1609LouisvilleCincinnati1
Mary Ellen Donadio1609St. John'sStanford1
January Man16014KentCincinnati
Richard Salus1609VillanovaStanford1
Chico Papalia1598DaytonTemple2
Brian Pinheiro15811St. John'sCincinnati1
Barbara Spitz15811St. John'sDuke1
Russell Karpp15711St. John'sStanford
Robert C. Natalini1579St. John'sCincinnati1
Richard Seidel15610St. John'sDuke1
Sam Karpp1537HofstraTemple1
Ken Gold1477North Carolina StTemple1
Bill Rourke14610Seton HallCincinnati1
Paula Silverman14610Cincinnati
Michael Ubaldini1449Stanford