We suppose we should be thankful. After Round 1, only one contestant has lost his champion (Wamser - South Carolina).

Wild Cards? Well, that's another story. Four of the top five Wild Cards have been eliminated, representing almost two thirds of our entrants: Temple (33); St. John's (26); Xavier (14); and Tennessee (7). In fact, only thirty entrants (23.8%) still have an eligible Wild Card:

Illinois (18): AJOB; Byrnes; Claude; Conte; J Donadio, Sr.; Harris; Sam Karpp; Kleiman; Mastro; McGarrigel; RC Natalini; Riot; Rosen; Shaffer; S Shaid; Baby Sullivan; Tiger; Wanger.

Oklahoma St. (6) : P Leach; Schlegel; Shaw; Lundberg; Warmbier; Leeds.

Indiana (4) : Grande; Packer; Maran; Harlan.

Others (2) : Schwartz (St. Louis); Brindisi (UNCC).

Fifty Nine Final 8 choices have been eliminated. Leading the pace, of course, is Carson, who has already lost four of her Final 8: Wake Forest; Vermont; Temple; and UMass.

Nine contestants have already lost two of their Final 8: Anonymity (UMass and TCU); Corrin (Miss. and TCU); DREG (Miss. and TCU); D Kedson (Miss. and TCU); Mash Leach (Miss. and UMass); Leeds (SC and TCU); Mike Mc (Temple and TCU); Nannen (SC and TCU); and Quasi II (Miss. and TCU).

Thirty six other contestants are out one Final 8 team:

Chose South Carolina: S Adams; AJOB; Alberts; Baer; Brooks; Connelly; J Donadio, Jr.; FREG; M Joseph; E Leach; Pat O'Brien; Schlegel; Wamser; Wanger.

Chose TCU: Glowacki; Gold; P Leach; Lunardi; Maibach; Padilla; D Papalia; Rosen; Salus.

Chose other: Brindisi (Miss.); R Karpp (Miss); Maibach II (Miss.); Pogach (Miss.); S Karpp (Wake Forest); Disbrow (UMass); Leahy (UMass); Joe Mc (UMass); J Einbinder-Schatz (Temple); Peloso (Temple); Russell (Temple); Bobbie Shaid (GW); S Shaid (GW).

Only 8 Final 4 Selections have been eliminated: AJOB (SC); Connelly (SC); Wanger (SC); Gold (TCU); D Kedson (TCU); D Padilla (TCU); Corrin (Miss.); and S Karpp (Wake Forest).

See you after Round 2.